Pre-Nursery ( 18 months old – entry age )

An inquiry based learning where the children learn through carefully planned concept based learning experiences, emphasizing on knowledge and skills which reflect the whole child’s development :
– The thinking child (Math)
– The child as communicator (language and literacy)
– The child in a social cultural context
– The physical child
– The child as an agent of change (global citizens).

The children will also get the opportunity to demonstrate their skills in different outdoor spaces and shared areas such as: playground, garden, and softplay area.

At EtonHouse Surabaya, learning experiences and materials in the classroom are extended based on the children’s interest. Constant encouragement and necessary guidance is also given in order to help our children to be independent through demonstration of self help tasks.

Academic Period 2020/2021
Monday – Friday
First Session          8 AM – 10 AM
Second Session    10.30 AM – 12.30 PM

Academic Calendar 2020/2021

 Age  Month and Year of birth

18 months old         July 2018 – June 2019

Academic Calendar 2021/2022

 Age  Month and Year of birth

18 months old         July 2019 – June 2020


Literacy Experience

Children will be provided with developmentally appropriate settings, materials and experiences that encourage early forms of reading, writing and phonological awareness to develop into conventional literacy for both English and Mandarin.

Sensory Experience

Children develop an understanding of the world around them when engaging with experiences that enable exploration through their senses, building early scientific theories and developing fine motor skills. Children will explore many mediums as they develop inquiry and problem solving skills.

Nature & Environment

Children will have the opportunity to explore the earth, to observe and to describe. By using materials to mix, to pour and to measure, children will develop the fundamentals of numeracy. This connection and understanding of the world around them is essential to developing concepts of sustainability.

Music & Movement

Children develop understandings about musical concepts e.g. rhythm, pitch; as well as skills in body co-ordination and creative movement, a social activity that develops the sense of being part of a group.

Science Experience

Children develop a sense of wonder and expand their innate curiosity about the surrounding world through a range of contextualised experiences planned by teachers. Children will have the opportunity to investigate questions, analyse data, process information, report and evaluate findings.


Children explore and learn about technology in an integrated way across different learning experiences, such as in using tools, equipment, devices and techniques to find and interpret information, solve problems and produce solutions.

Dramatic Play

Supports children in re-enacting or recreating experiences. Children develop language and literacy skills as they represent their ideas through different media and collaborate with peer as part of a team.


Children who participate in cooking or food preparation experiences, will enable opportunities to engage in mathematical and science concepts in authentic ways. Social and language skills will also be developed naturally through these experiences.

Physical Education

Physical education and movement is part of the general well being of the child. Through these experiences, children will develop gross motor skills, spatial awareness, eye hand coordination, flexibility and agility whilst promoting social development and self management skills.

The Arts

Children will have opportunities to express themselves through a diverse range of creative art mediums such as; clay, paint, drawing, textiles, collage and sculpture using different natural, made and recycled materials.


Children will have the opportunity to engage in daily experiences that reflect a logical and fun approach to learn mathematics, such as sorting objects, creating patterns, matching numbers and so on. Appropriate and consistent practices in the early years are vital to later achievement in International Preschool Surabaya.

Pre-Nursery Class Learning Experience

EtonHouse Surabaya values the uniqueness of each child as both gift and opportunity