Play and Learn ( 12-18 months old )

“Play is how young children learn. Through play, children develop the skills they need to expand their physical, emotional, social, and cognitive abilities. In effect, Play = Learning.”
by Marie E. Cecchini, MS

Play and Learn provides an exciting window of opportunity into the world of learning. One glance into our classroom will provide a glimpse into the specific kind of learning we explemify at Etonhouse Surabaya which is play based of learning.

At this young age children are prompted by things that excite and interest them. They will inherently gravitate towards things of intrigue and show unparalleled interest when they get to do something that they love. We encourage and admonish that kind of inquiry.

An array of provocations are used to encourage children to pick things up at their leisure harbouring their tactile senses to touch, to turn things around, to push and pull and let their minds think, imagine and wonder as only a child can.

Academic Period 2018
One month class for 12 – 18 months old

Play and Learn is two times a week.

Session 1: Monday & Wednesday 9-10AM
Session 2: Tuesday & Thursday 9-10 AM
Session 3: Tuesday & Thursday 10.30-11.30 AM

This class only open in specific time,
please contact us for class schedule

EtonHouse Surabaya values the uniqueness of each child as both gift and opportunity