Parent Testimonials

As Parent, online learning has brought new challenge to me. Normally, my daughter has friendly and professionla teacher that teach her at school. But now I have to do it myself at home.

Since the first Zoom session I noticed that my daughter has difficulties to follow Mandarin class. Ican understand it because she still unfamiliar with the language. Thus, in order to help her understand more, I usually sit next to her during Zoom session and assist her in doing her Mandarin worksheet.

During Zoom session I noticed that her Mandarin teacher was very helpful. She always tries to explain the material in very simple way and when the children still don’t understand she will explain them in english and use picture to help them understand more. In regards to writing Chinese characters, I think Mandarin worksheet are very accomodating beocause not only it provides steps to write a character but also offer excellent exhercises to my daughter.
Overall, I really appreciate that EtonHouse has provided very thorough and easy to understand Mandarin worksheet. It makes possible for me who has no knowledge of Mandarin to teach my daughter properly at home.

Jerry & Cindy

Parents of Ardelie - Kindergarten 2

2020 caught everyone off guard. Being forced to adapt to the new norm was difficult enough for us adults, let alone our children. Frustration emerged when children were told not to go to school and face-to-face interactions with friends were discouraged. “Mommy, when can I go out and play with my friends?” became a daily question during the beginning of those days.

We were somewhat relieved yet skeptical about Home-based Learning (HBL) when it was introduced. It turned out to be a learning path for us all. Like any other pilots, HBL did not set off completely smoothly – Internet connections, background noises, distracting children, parents misreading the time slots… various of issues happened.

Fortunately they were quickly resolved. Situation improved and was put back on track. Teachers, schools, guardians and kids – each is playing a contributing role in the process and committed to their efforts. I was impressed when the school efficiently responded to parents’ advice to improve the Zoom class quality by having all teachers upload their videos, dividing children into smaller groups and adjusting learning sessions to a more frequent basis.

It is undoubtful that the teachers have done a great job in designing the curriculums. The classes are structured in a way that effectively lightens up kids’ mood with songs, grasps their attention with diverse learning materials and continues the flowing of information with activities and conversations. Parents are encouraged to play an active part as well. We were reminded to spend time with our children and guide them patiently and smartly, through the engaging after-school activities. Schools were considerate enough to provide toolkits and design the activities based on materials that are easily acquirable and recyclable.

I am witnessing how Olivia’s attitude transformed as this semester goes by, from being resistant and distracted to engaged and focused. She starts to look forward to me turning on the iPad every morning and is unwilling to say goodbye when the sessions end. She still yearns for going out but has felt the fun of just being home. Bit by bit she has come to understand the uniqueness of what we are experiencing now and is learning to cope as a big girl. We are glad to be supported by the school and the teachers.

Bijie Lie

Mom of Olivia (Nursery 1)

When we were looking for a preschool and Kindergarten for our daughter, we visited 5 different schools and teaching philosophies. We knew that once we were at EtonHouse Surabaya that this was the perfect place for our daughter! The small classroom size, attention to each student, teaching philosophy, mandarin language and freedom for the child were some of the reasons we chose Eton House. We are very pleased and are sad to be moving this year! Most importantly, our daughter felt loved, free and safe at school. She blossomed and has learned so much! Thank you for all that the teachers and staff at EtonHouse did for our daughter. We will be forever grateful!

Jeremy & Kate Williams US Consulate

“We were very happy with Eton House as a choice for our daughter Mia’s preschool in Surabaya.  The small size of the school resulted in a very family-like feel, and we got to know all of the teachers and other staff as well as socializing with other parents.  Mia learned a lot during her time at Eton House including how to write her name.  She made lots of friends and developed her social skills rapidly.  We would not hesitate to recommend Eton House Surabaya to all families with young children.  
Graeme and Dewi - New Zealand

EtonHouse memiliki kualitas yang sangat baik. Baik dari segi kebersihan gedung, aktivitas kelas maupun diluar kelas. dengan pemeriksaan kesehatan singkat sebelum masuk sekolah dan adanya share dropbox untuk foto aktivitas kelas juga 1 point plus di EtonHouse.
Sejauh ini saya merasa sangat puas telah menyekolahkan Christabel di EtonHouse 
Belinda Fransiska

We would highly recommend any parents to bring their child to EtonHouse School for different reason in favor to their child. EtonHouse has very nice facilities starting with building infrastructure, less toddlers in class which means each student get attention from teachers, school curriculum or level of education is great and the overall school service is just fantastic!

Gentil Mukama

My son is in his 2nd year and studying in KG-1. He really enjoys his classes and all the learning activities the school offers. All the teachers and staffs are very professional, they also provide personalized care and attention to suit the need of every child. EtonHouse is really a wonderful place for kids to learn.

Khujista Shaila Matin

Dalam 4 bulan terakhir Javier di EtonHouse, Javier menunjukkan kemajuan. Contohnya, bila dengar lagu “clean up” maka mainannya segera dimasukkan ke box. Memang JAvier cenderung diam bila diajari, tapi dia bisa mempraktekkan tanpa kita menyuruh bila di rumah. Terimaksih EtonHouse, terima kasih buat miss-mis nya yang baik meskipun jarang antar ke sekolah :). Sedih sih, untuk PG tidak melanjutkan di EtonHouse karena beberapa pertimbangan.

EtonHouse is the best, salah satu alasan yang menekatkan saya untuk daftar P&L ya karena testimoni beberapa teman, bahwa EtonHouse the best in west. Sekali lagi, terimakasih. God Bless.

Kristiany Natalia

First of all we were worried about our kids mandarin educations, because mommy and daddy cannot speak mandarin at all.

Moreover with the Covid-19 outbreaks everything has to tansforms from offline to online and for our twins age we thoughtthat it will be very challenging for them to stay focus for such a long period without any physical contacts.

Surprisingly their teachers, both of them, especially in mandarin class does a great job in making the online class more intersting and attractives for the twins.

As a result twins can focs and very excited with all the activities, they can envoy and focus on their mandarin class. For example they already can count in mandarin and write very simple stroke in chinese character

Donny Hans & Yuana Tanaya

(Parents of Benneth & Charlotte - Nursery 1)

When the COVID-19 hit Surabaya and the school closure started, I was worried about my son’s pre-school education. Although online learning is a viable option, I was concerned he will have a hard time learning using this method due to his young age.

Thankfully, the teachers and staffs at EtonHouse put a lot of effort and did a great job in making the transition from offline to online. The daily teleconference call makes my son feel connected to his friends and teachers during this isolation time. The Home Kit learning projects also gives him plenty of things to explore and do at home. I feel glad to see him learning and growing everyday with my own eyes.

Thank you for the dedication, effort and hard work to the teachers and staffs at EtonHouse. Keep up the good work

Andrew Suryono

(Parent of N1 student)

EtonHouse Surabaya creates an environment where the children are encouraged to communicate, have fun, learn through play, be friendly and kind. The teachers are professional and truly care for all the kids. The staff takes great care of the hygiene, the school is very clean and tidy. We are very happy that Nicole experienced her first education here.

Andrie and Suryawati Sudargo

Choosing ETONHOUSE International Preschool Surabaya as my son’s first school experience was surely a good decision.
Their vision and mission represent most of my wishes for my son’s preschool days. I, personally, want my son to have a happy learning experiences and I can say that I’m fully satisfied with how the teachers made it happen. Their high standards pair with the individual attention shown to students are remarkable. Apart from the academic goals, students enrolled in EtonHouse have the advantage of interacting with various cultures which surely can boost their social development in a very positive manner. The school has innovative and caring teachers which is very important to us. As my son said “…I am so happy there and I love my miss…”

Yosephine Widyanata

  • EtonHouse salah satu sekolah under 1 y.o. paling bersih, steril, and metode sekolah yang bagus.
  • Guru & peralatan di sekolah yang memadai & menunjang.
  • Fasilitas di sekolah like playground sangat aman karena terletak di dalam.
  • Thank you Eton 🙂
Nili Ayu Prameswari

My child felt a lot of progress during at Play & Learn Class. He understand colors & socialization well after class. He like music now.

Thank you miss Marissa & miss Julian for teach & guidance 🙂

Paramitasari Dirgahayu

The school teaching skill & environment is good.My kids is really enjoy in school. Thanks a lot teacher & all people in Eton.


My son, Hector Wijaya was a nursery student at Eton house for two years, and I can tell you that this school is a great school. The teachers are very professional and friendly. They are helpful and I feel that my son was receiving everything he needs at this school and they always keep us updated with his school life. The staffs are excellent and the rules help keep the school safe and in order. Hector enjoyed the school very much. He loved going to school everyday. I can see a massive progress in him in this two-year nursery program. He has become more confident and is able to speak publicly. His language ability (both English and Mandarin) has improved a lot..My kids is really enjoy in school. I am very happy with this school and planning to enroll my younger son to this school as well.

Lilis Juliali

I love how attentive Ms. Julian is to Mason, not just at his growth, but also at his character. She often times asks about Mason’s activities at home and gives me ideas to do with Mason. As for the play & learn class, I like the activities in the class that often encourage Mason to go “dirty”. And we appreciate how the school and Ms. Vera take in all of our concerns and address them.

Evie Tanujaya

Bersih, gurunya telaten, cekatan, terus terarah kelasnya, awalnya ga bisa fokus, sekarang bisa fokus, kelasnya totalitas, main cat, hands on, suasana bermainnya fun, banyak mainan edukasinya.

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