Teacher Quentin Widjojo

Ms. Quentin P Widjojo is our Teacher Assistant and Mandarin Teacher. She has been learning Chinese since she was a child and is currently studying Overseas Chinese Education in the College of Chinese Language & Culture, Ji Nan University, Guang Zhou, China. She has taught Mandarin for the past 3 years: 1 year in Little Sun School; and 2 years in Singapore National Academy. Quentin has also taken several Chinese Language teaching training from a number of universities in China and Taiwan.

Other than Mandarin, Quentin has a passion for piano and singing. She has a diploma degree in piano performance from Royal Associated Board School of Music and looks to bring more music activities in EtonHouse. Quentins coaches for the Adam Khoo Learning Technologies group for the past 5 years. This academy encourages children to be able to express themselves and make learning fun. Quentins believes that every child is unique and teaches students according to their interest, this allows for children to be passionate and interested in learning new things.